Black America Rising is a Detroit-based comprehensive community development initiative advancing racial, economic, and other forms of social justice.

A new era is dawning for Black American cities to serve as global models for justice; but it requires we prioritize strong economic futures for the generations coming after us. Black Americans are leading in civic service, enterprise, philanthropy, education, professions, and a range of other societal activities. But our community cannot fully benefit from these gains in the absence of investment into our children. To be sure, a large part of needed investments must come in the form of land grants, contracts, and other kinds of reparations made to us by government, corporations, and foundations for the unpaid contributions we continue to make to society. However, a significant piece of the investment into our future must also be made by us in the form of love, marriage, family, and generational wealth planning.

Current trends are not working for us. More than 81% of Black women aged 15 to 59 are unmarried during their first childbirth. 42% of Black moms give birth before age 20, and less than 1 in 5 Black women will be married at all. As one of the lowest paid groups in America during a time when many households are finding it difficult to make ends meet even with two incomes, raising children without committed partners is too big an additional financial strain for Black families.

Plus, racial and political factors prevent safety nets from being wide enough to support single Black parenthood. So even as a child's father, grandparents, and extended family provide support to unwed moms, the unjust and unsafe conditions of many Black neighborhoods make vivid that the positive impact of these supports pale in comparison to the benefits of confronting systemic racism from within the widespread practice of marriage. This is where real security is achieved for us.

In fact, social justice leaders should be aware that the decrease of loving, supportive marriages in our communities represents one of our most significant public health crises. Black women are among the lowest paid workers and professionals in America, despite being the most educated and enterprising. This means children in single Black-woman households have less access to quality education, food, and economic opportunity. They are also more exposed to community violence and other forms of trauma. Therefore, without the promotion of love, marriage, and generational wealth planning, our social justice and advocacy efforts are at best incomplete.

This is why I risk being politically incorrect by encouraging young people to pursue love, commitment, and marriage early. It's advice that flies in the face of independence, individualism, indulgence, YOLO, and disdain for the other gender. But those ideas only leave us feeling empty and exclusively benefit those who would prey on the weakness of our community. Therefore, I urge Black youth to go aggressively after marriage like you would go after your bag!

Because marriage is the bag! While community violence, mental health issues, and poverty are directly linked to the injustices we've confronted for centuries, it's also true we can advance our healing and growth through marriage which offers structure and reliable supports while multiplying income, assets, and net worth potential. Future generations stand to inherit our increased wealth and improved health practices. This is how the Black community can hold onto and leverage the gains we make today as entrepreneurs, civil servants, scientists, innovators, and community leaders.

But I should note that we can't seize the opportunity before us without the resources and commitment of Michigan's community of corporate, philanthropic, and legislative leaders at every level of government and on either and every side of the aisle. Therefore, I urge you for your support as we equip our young people to build on our successes and secure more prosperity for future generations than any of us could ever imagine!

With my love & affection,

Krystal P. Larsosa, Executive Director


The mission of Black America Rising is to promote the generational prosperity of Black families by centering love, marriage, and future generations.


Our vison is majority Black cities that are clean, safe, and prosperous; that attract talented Black families and investors from across the nation; that serve as global models for racial, economic, and other forms of social justice; and where healthy relationships and financial decisions of adults are driven by aspirations of and for future generations.


Our Goal is to create $150 million in generational/inheritable wealth among 1 thousand Black families in Detroit by 2025.