Jasahn m larsosa

Jasahn Larsosa, Black America Rising Founder, is a Detroit-based philanthropist, community organizer, trainer and facilitator, political strategist, and social and economic justice leader in the Detroit Metropolitan region. He is a career nonprofit executive, serving currently as Executive Director for the venture philanthropy fund GreenLight Fund Detroit and as Principal Consultant for the Detroit-based IDEA firm Krystal Klir Communications.

As a nonprofit leader, he's attracted and/or managed over $10 million in government, corporate, and philanthropic dollars to fund youth, social justice, economic mobility, safety net, advocacy, and research initiatives. As a community organizer, he's mobilized over 15,000 volunteers to support place-based projects. As a trainer and facilitator, he has coached and overseen the training of over 10,000 corporate and community leaders across the United States and in over 90 countries to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. He's served as Principal Investigator on two research projects in partnership with the University of Michigan's Schools of Education and School of Public Health and Wayne State University's School of Social Work to improve workforce, economic, and mental health outcomes for Black youth and to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline harming Detroit's youth.

When he has spare time, Larsosa enjoys reading, writing, camping, and canoeing or binge-watching TV dramas. Larsosa was born, works, and lives in Detroit, Michigan with his life-long sweetheart Krystal and their three young daughters and two rambunctious terriers.